About Capitol

With over 30 years of cleaning experience, our mission is simple – to be a leader in sustainable cleaning that is focused on health first! Improving our customers’ indoor environmental quality is important in maintaining a pleasing, safe, and clean work environment. This goes hand-in-hand with also providing superior cosmetic appearance to your facility.

As a certified minority business, we excel in providing a pleasant and safe environment for our employees, and provide many opportunities for personal and professional growth. We treat our employees (all of our associates) with the utmost respect, dignity and appreciation they deserve.

Capitol is so passionate about showing sustainable cleaning that doesn’t compromise on quality, we have taken active leadership roles in our industry trade groups.

We are committed to showing our peers that the future to business success and a better world are in the same direction, providing high quality cleaning that is healthy for people and for the environment. We actively embrace technology and change, in the interest of improving our performance and minimizing the impact to our environment. We look to provide our customers with the best value, while matching their needs, and as always, provide our personal touch!

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